Raviscanina  (CE)



Raviscanina. This beautiful small village, placed in a natural valley between the tops of the mountains "Castello-Pallara " to the east and those of the "Tuoro" to the west and the southern slopes of the massive mountain of the Matese, is repaired from the cold winds and so has a mild microclimate nearly all the year. From the town the great landscape of the Volturno is visible, with the blue of the Tirreno sea on the background and a large green space in the front part. It lacked a GUIDE able to show the natural beauties (city structure
charming forests, with secular trees, served from easy walking paths for trekking and horse ride) and the rilevant historical-artistic treasures.   

The association PRO-LOCO RAVISCANINA with encomiabile initiative has obviated to this deficiency realizing an essential GUIDE , a handbook quick but at the same time rich of news, in which the visitors are guided to the strategic points of the territory leaving at the same time to them the pleasant surprise of the discovery of distances, landscapes and isolated points of view in their charming beauty. a guide wich surely has hit the target :
illustrate the municipal territory effectively; the wish is that, once disseminated, it could also realize the objective to
increase the number of visitors.

The mayor of Raviscanina


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